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You must uncover a mysterious story, by exploring strange architecture, interactive paintings, sinister puzzles and ghostly flashbacks - While avoiding the haunting of a dark creature!

Aporia is a 1st person adventure/horror game for PC. It is an immersive mystery that challenges you to explore the beautiful, gloomy landscape and uncover the truth of what happened in The Valley, without letting the threat of a dark ghost get in your way.

Aporia challenges the classical ways of telling stories in computer games, as the entire story is told completely without text or dialogue, but as you progress you will uncover the story of an ancient people and their powerful Wardens that guarded the city - a story the player himself can influence and change throughout the game.

In the end, only by uncovering what happened in The Valley can the player conquer Aporia and pass the final judgment on the dark shadow roaming the forest, deciding its fate and the future of The people in the valley.

The game is graphically heavy and it will require a decent graphics card - especially in this early state. We do not have exact requirements, but you should be able to run it on a standard gaming desktop with a HD7850 or GTX 470 or). To run it smoothly, we recommend having a GTX 960 or a Radeon R9 290 or higher.
Since it is an early alpha version, there will be bugs, frame-drops and inconsistencies, so please report to us if you find any, and let us hear general feedback of your game experience. Then you can help us improve the game greatly

If you want to know more about our game, please visit our website for more information:





More information

Published 2 years ago
StatusIn development
PublisherMystic Box Studios
Tagsaporia, artgame, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, Interactive Fiction, Mystery, Open World, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, Textless


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I have been playing I believe the Demo 2 build and I am really loving it. Great job so far guys!

Looks good.

Looks like the Alpha was taken down in preparation for an updated version, but this was mentioned in a post from June. More details on ModDB.

Bummed out all the downloads aren't working, this looks really interesting and I was thinking of making a Lumps Play.

The download isn't working. It says ”The download should start momentarily.” but it never does.

Download not working :(

Could you update it?

File has been removed from the download source. Any reason why?

Can't get the download to launch.

hmm, it should definitely be possible - it's an MSI file. if your windows comes up with a message, you can press "more settings" and allow the MSI file. Basically, we have not yet had Windows to offically verify the file, which is why there probably is a message from microsoft.

Ok I'll give it another try today. Looks great. I'm looking forward to trying it!


I was having the same issues today, the problem was i have a pop up blocker on chrome which was preventing the pop up necessary to download, disable or allow the file in pop up blocker and youll be sound :) stunning looking game!

Thanks for the solution and the feedback! We are currently revising most of the game, making it a lot more content-dense and stunning looking. Also, with a bit more tutorial and guidance to players that get lost :)

No problem :) Looking forward to it! its weird that its not a horror game (i dont think so far anyway) but it still makes me tense! done a really good job with the atmosphere in this game and the lighting effect is stunning, stood watching the sky for 20 minutes! haha


Amazing work!

Interesting story, gorgeous graphics and a mysterious forest... the perfect combination, I love it!

Good luck with the project!

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A bit of gameplay